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Technology referral. If you need help with your Internet, setting up an office, or failed hardware Cheyenne Quesenberry, owner of PV Technology Solutions, is your go to fella! We live in El Nogalito, where the Internet speed is like dialup was in the 80s He helped us with purchasing a wifi range extender and walked us through how we can make the best of our situation (when we visited the house we had been told the internet speed was "normal about 10mbps" but, it actually averages under 1mbps on a good day). Cheyenne Quesenberry explained everything clearly, was understanding of our dilemma (can't work online at .21 mbps ), and encouraged us to "relax and enjoy the beauty" - kinda like a IT Zen Master. He speaks Spanish and English fluently. And his rates are reasonable. I'm so glad we met him. Another Mexican blessing

Lorraine Kerwood McKenzie

The. Best. Not only fixes every computer problem I have, but ALSO is a cat rescuer and also donates to charities to help other animals!! Thank You Cheyenne and thank you David for giving him his props!! xoxox

Colette Zarry

It was my motherboard that brought me to Cheyenne Quesenberry at PV Technology Solutions. Everything had come to a complete halt with my laptop, and a grim MacBook Air screen blackness had now invaded my world. Desperate and computer-less I retreated to more primitive forms of contact, and dug through some papers, cards and notes, that I keep around in the event of technical difficulties, and thankfully foundCheyenne’s name and number scrawled on a hot pink Post-it note.

Ariel O'Donnell

Jan Oster and I would like to thank Cheyenne Quesenberry (PV Technology Solutions - #141A Pulpito) for fixing our computers. It's a sad story so I won't go into the gory details, but our babies are now fixed. He did the impossible and brought them back to life.
We did need to get external keyboards as the keyboards had to be disabled. We found English ones at Office Max (beside Mega) and they work great $548 p / each.

Cyndi Oster

Thank you Cheyenne Quesenberry of Computer Solutions for once again coming to my aid! I would highly recommend you to anyone!

Cristina Goettsch Roaf

Ok I wanted to give a shout out to and about Cheyenne Quesenberry! My macbook died over a week ago and after trying a few people that was recommended to me I finally took it to Cheyenne Quesenberry. 1 day later after getting the parts from over 4-1\2 hours away he brought my computer to my home last night, working! Really? Fixed it in 24 hours and brought it to my home! So if you have mac problems call him. Very profesional, kind and quick. Living and working here my computer is my most important tool and he went over and above what I could have expected. Thank you Cheyenne Quesenberry!!!!!!!!!

Ozzy Osborne

Thank you for recommending Cheyenne Quesenberry for computer help. Nice guy and know his stuff.

David Jones

I just wanted to give a big shout-out to Cheyenne Quesenberry who took my Macbook Pro and made it a happy camper again, (not to mention its owner as well)! He went that extra mile for great customer service! A Mac Wiz! He is in the files here and I recommend his services! Muchas Gracias Cheyenne!

Jan Gregg-Kelm

A Huge Shout Out for Cheyenne Quesenberry who picked up my computer at 10AM and delivered it back to me around 3PM. Worked out the problem and it is All Systems Go. Thank you Cheyenne. BTW, if anyone needs computer help, contact Cheyenne Quesenberry. One of the Best. Great Guy too.

David Wilhoit

I have to give another shout-out to Cheyenne Quesenberry! This guy has more than once helped this, (shall we say technically challenged), person get her Macbook Pro cooking again. Fast, excellent service! So before you toss that computer into the ocean call him at PV Technology Solutions. 322-113-0224, Thanks Cheyenne!

Jan Gregg-Kelm

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